Over the past 25 years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with remarkable companies, teams and individuals who are truly passionate about their work and why they do it. Inspired by these experiences, I've always harbored a dream of starting my own company.

When an opportunity arose in May this year, I seized it with both hands, and Metaforthosis was born. So, whether you're a start-up in need of advice on launching innovative new solutions or a small to mid-size company seeking to define a solid growth strategy, please don't hesitate to give me a call. Let's discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Key Skills
  • Business development
  • Relationship management
  • Project management
  • Effective communicator and presenter
  • Developing business strategy plans to present at board level
  • Significant management experience with the ability to build, motivate and lead global teams
  • Considerable experience in new product development, product launches, and training

I had the pleasure do some quite challenging projects with him recently and really like his disruptive thinking. He absolutely understands scaling projects by finding value outside boxes, by opening horizons and making business potential visible. Mark definitely knows how to create a compelling business event from technology issues and how that influences future change.Looking forward to many more endeavors to come!

Marco Gittmann
Geschäftsführender Partner bei gittmann + klein GmbH

I have known Mark for more than 20 years during my role as Finance Director at Delcam/Autodesk. I have seen him develop his skills from starting as a support engineer, into a sales engineer and finally as a senior product manager in the technical marketing field. Through this transition he has shown leadership skills with a good work ethic and determination to get the job done. Always put in the hours to ensure success. Given his significant customer interface he showed great negotiation skills and customer rapport. Always a happy chap and a team player. Will be an asset for whomever he works.

Kulwant Singh
Finance Director at HVM Catapult

Mark was on my team for 2 years at Autodesk. He was an excellent member of the team and contributed much in the way of strategy, collaboration, and business development. Quality of work and input was always outstanding. I expanded Mark's role beyond just supporting Autodesk's subtractive offerings to supporting the entire breadth of advanced manufacturing solutions for Autodesk's strategic customers. In this role, he quickly grasped the expanded role and immediately provided value to our manufacturing sales organization and our customers. Always a great team player and everyone Mark was supporting appreciated his work. I received numerous unsolicited thanks from others in the organization for how he had supported them and contributed to the overall success of the organization. He was a trusted advisor for me and the other members of my team. His knowledge of the manufacturing industry is extensive and relied on by many in the organization.

Robert Yancey
Business Development Director at Hexcel Corporation

Mark is a rare leader who combines deep manufacturing knowledge, customer focus, global businesses acumen and an emphasis on building strong teams. He's a valued member of the global manufacturing community and a tremendous asset for any organization that he's associated with.

Greg Fallon
CEO at Geminus

Mark has the ability to find the positive in any situation, not only as an outlook but more importantly put a plan in place to make it so. After taking over from Mark back in 2003, managing the Delcam Windsor office in Canada, I was struck by the deep and trusting relationships he was able to establish with the local customers and team in such a short period of time. Mark is an extremely credible and experienced business leader, his knowledge, project management, and work ethic makes him an integral part of any organization.

Mark Cadogan
Americas Channel Manager at CAMWorks

Mark & I have worked together for more than 20 years at Delcam & Autodesk in a variety of Product Management, Marketing, Sales & Business Development roles. Mark has a deep knowledge of both the customers technical and commercial needs and is passionate about developing solutions and delivering capabilities to meet those customer’s needs. Mark is passionate about always ensuring everyone keeps the customers need front and centre in everything we do.Mark is a strong team player and team leader, collaborating with colleagues from across the organisation and from across partners and customers to tackle whatever challenges and opportunities are ahead of us and to develop and communicate innovative solutions in a demanding market.

Bart Simpson
Manuf Tech, Non Exec Chair CNC Robotics & FourJaw Manuf Analytics

I had the pleasure of working side by side with Mark for over 10 years. Those that know him in this capacity know there isn’t a more driven team leader who can perfectly balance his experience, intellect, managerial skills and light touch to get anything done quickly and professionally. Also, not many people have meeting rooms named after them in a big organisation...speaks volumes.

Chris Lawrie
Owner & CEO FIT360 Ltd

I’ve interacted with Mark from a customer level beginning Sept 2011. Mark exemplifies what supplier to customer relations should look like. His honesty and integrity are witnessed just upon meeting him. Mark truly cares about people and the relationship. Working thru difficult projects in order to advance technology which involved several intercontinental connections, Mark was able to successfully manage all of them. Over the past several years I’ve personally grown to appreciate Marks example of servant leadership and have been blessed to call him my friend.

Brian Kerkstra
Manufacturing Engineer at Paragon D&E

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